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Leslie Woods May 4, through June 28, 2019

Centre St Arts Gallery, LLC, is pleased to welcome Maine artist Leslie Woods. Her works will be on display May 4, through June 28, 2019. Opening reception Friday May 10, 5-7pm.

“I paint figures, because I am passionate about composition, and bodies are my design elements. Muscles are maps of their actions, and bones create patterns. Hands and feet indicate specific activity , and I love to emphasize their lift, fall, and twist.

People have always been easy for me, so I quickly desired more complexity than the static poses of figure classes. While I can draw and paint portraits, I prefer to apply hats and shadows, because well-done head and body placements convey expression without distractions. I want anyone to see self, relatives, or friends in my work.

Sport permits my love of brilliant color, which I temper to accommodate my somewhat cubist, color-block style. I enjoy the demanding puzzle-making of color changes based upon light, motion, and my artistic vision.

First I consult my stacks of reference materials to determine what my characters will say before I turn a two inch photo into a twenty inch figure. All of my paintings require multiple photos, drawings, research into anatomy books, and an understanding of the subject. I want an entire work to present kinetic energy and attitude thru my carefully crafted composition.