Sharing Art Books

Centre St Arts Gallery members, Sharon Bouchard and Laurie Burhoe, share recently discovered art books.


Sharon Bouchard discovered this book during a trip to Mississippi and was immediately drawn to the spirit and vibrancy of his watercolors.

Walter Anderson, a professionally trained artist and graduate of Pennsylvania Academy of Art, spent the majority of his life around Ocean Springs, Mississippi where his parents founded Shearwater Pottery. While he is best known for his watercolors, his talents did not end there. He wrote poems and stories and worked with oils, wood, ink and clay. His woodblock prints and ceramic pieces are as impressive as his watercolors.

Walter spent solitary time on Horn Island where he felt a spiritual connection with the environment and painted the flora and fauna around him. A mental disorder in the second half of his life resulted in a reclusive, but artistically productive, existence. The totality of his work was not comprehended until after his death. Since then multiple national shows and a museum were created.


Laurie Burhoe enjoyed the life size reproductions of Van Gogh’s drawings in this book.

This large size volume contains recently discovered drawings from Van Gogh’s time in Arles. These drawings were created in a ledger book given to him by Mr. and Mrs. Ginoux, proprietors of a cafe where he painted. The book provides a history of his brief, but prolific, time in Arles and his relationship with the Ginoux’s, whom Van Gogh left the ledger with during his hosptialization.

The sketches are presented in their original format and size along with information about their content. The discovery and authentication of each sketch is recounted.